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The Medical Genetics Centre South-West Netherlands (MGC) was founded in 1988 on the initiative of the Medical faculties of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University to consolidate and strengthen the knowledge and research qualities within the various medical genetics institutes, with the ultimate goal of increasing the quality of life. Nowadays MGC connects 18 research groups from Erasmus Medical Centre (Erasmus MC), Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) and Faculty of Science of Leiden University (UL). In parallel, the MGC serves as a training institute for PhD (and master) students.

From the founding a number of research lines can be distinguished:

  1. Genetic and molecular basis of cancer and aging
  2. Heriditary and congenital abnormalities
  3. Risk assessment after exposure to radiation and chemical agents
  4. Genome expression and stability
  5. Development of diagnostics and therapeutics 

Over the years, these lines of research have been deepened, broadened and greatly accelerated through the findings and development of techniques. For example, 'omics' techniques enable risk analysis on an individual level and by the elucidation of the human genome in combination with mechanistic studies of diseases, many applications in (prenatal) diagnostics have been developed. In the future, the emphasis will continue to be on fundamental scientific research into molecular and cellular processes. The knowledge gained from this will increasingly be used for clinical or other social applications.