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MGC PhD program

The departments affiliated to the MGC carry out research in the field of cellular biology, and molecular and medical genetics. MGC also serves as a training institute for young researchers. The aim of the MGC is to provide the PhD students with an optimal environment for performing high-quality research, while offering PhD students the opportunity to cover a wide range of aspects of cellular biology and molecular and medical genetics, including the provision of an extensive course program.

A broad education, in addition to the usually super specialized research program, is of great value for both the MGC and the PhD student who will attain a better 'market value' and will, thus, have a better chance on the job market. About 225 PhD students are currently working towards a PhD degree in one of the MGC affiliated departments.    

Participation in the MGC teaching programme is mandatory for all PhD students within the MGC. The package of courses for the individual PhD student contains obligatory courses including the ones demanded by the Medical Faculties in Leiden, Rotterdam and by the University of Leiden. Each of these organizations has a PhD program for their PhD students. These programs are embedded in the Graduate School MGC. The PhD students of the MGC are advised to carefully check the program of the organization they belong to and comply with the requirements.

In addition to compulsory activities that the different graduate schools have imposed on PhD students, the MGC has formulated another two activities that a PhD student must follow during his/her appointment:

  • Course 'Safe Laboratory Techniques' ("Veilig werken in Laboratoria")

A 'one day' course. The following points will be addressed: safe microbiological techniques; radionuclides; carcinogenic agents; blood, viruses; radiation. This course has to be taken in the first year. The course will be given twice a year, alternately in English and Dutch. The course will be given in collaboration with the Department VSM of the LUMC. Next date 10 October, 2018 (English version).

Apply through the MGC website

  • MGC PhD student workshop

The format is a yearly four-day meeting outside town. PhD students should attend at least three workshops. For more information follow this link.

As far as it concerns the non-compulsory part the PhD student is free to compile his/her own individual programme. The MGC is aware that the teaching programme of each PhD student should cover as much as possible the whole field of cellular biology, and/or molecular and medical genetics and organizes, therefore, more than 15 specialized courses on a large variety of subjects. Besides courses organized by the MGC (facultative) PhD courses can also be followed by other research schools or institutes such as MolMed, and Boerhaave who also offer a wide range of courses. 


For Information about the "MGC course program 2016 - 2019" please check here